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In Memory of Gertrude R. Tyree

Gertrude R. Tyree was a very supportive donor to Urban Strings Columbus from  our beginning , in 2007  with two girls from Champion Middle school to  currently, 16 years later. She supported the musicians financially as well as attended concerts, celebrations and programs where our musicians were featured.  She loved us and we loved her.

Sadly, she transitioned on March 6, 2023. 

In lieu of flowers, her only son, Clifford Tyree Jr. requested that donations be made to nonprofits in her memory. Urban Strings Columbus is on that list. 
Donations given in memory of Gertrude Tyree will go to our June 2023 tour to Nashville Fund. Please make payment to Urban Strings Columbus.        


You can donate using CashApp or Paypal.  Click on link below. Please note:  In Memory of Gertrude R. Tyree          



Mail Checks to:

Urban Strings Columbus

P.O. Box 13673 
Columbus Ohio 43213

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